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Formosa Plastics Hunger Strike: Day 23

by Diane Wilson

Follow Diane’s day-by-day account of the latest Global Hunger Strike against Formosa Plastics. You can join her by signing up here.

Day 23, flags standing tall in the roaring wind

So this happens during a fast: you realize you reach a line when it stops being your body that’s carrying the fast and it becomes the heart and mind. I have always said a hunger fast is mental. Now it is mental. And heart, too. And that is what is happening. I’m pushing the body and I’m using my mind; my belief in what I’m doing and a higher cause that is way beyond me. And my heart gives me energy. My ole doc came by this morning, and he shakes his head and doesn’t see how a 75-year-old woman is standing after 23 days without food. He says he would be on the ground and I say to him “You’re 92, too!”  We joke like that. I’m pretty impressed by him and how he shows up with his stethoscope and his blood pressure cuff. And always smiling. This ole doc delivered all 5 of my kids. An old worker was there yesterday when the doc arrived, and he told him that he had delivered his wife. Oh, I don’t believe that. Doc isn’t THAT old!

Anyhow, a new stage in the fast. Body is reluctant but head and heart are in fine shape.

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