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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in this ongoing effort. Consider a financial contribution or helping us monitor the bay by reporting sightings of plastic pellets.


It takes a lot of fuel, community engagement and social outreach to make these changes happen.

Give a financial gift to San Antonio Bay Waterkeepers via the nonprofit Calhoun County Resource Watch501c3 Tax ID: 74-2585960. All financial donations are tax deductible.

Donations are used for boat maintenance, fuel for monitoring plastic pollution and industrial discharges, activities related to fighting petrochemical and fossil fuel build ups, engaging and educating community, and website/media management and costs.


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The Nurdle Patrol looks for plastic pellets on waterways across the USA and world.  See how you can help their research.


Grassroots projects can also help environmental organizations bring polluters to court. Armed with samples and photos, plaintiffs like Wilson and the Waterkeepers have a better shot at winning lawsuits that often hinge on physical evidence. Kelly Haragan, the director of the environmental law clinic at the UT School of Law, believes that the future of environmental regulation is “people-powered.” Regulators, she noted, currently rely on companies to report their own violations. “We’re on the cusp of the public being able to hold industry much more accountable.”

Contact your representatives and ask for legislative bills banning zero discharge of plastic and ranking PVC waste as hazardous.

Or maybe phone numbers or addresses of banks that do business with Formosa and ask them to divest from that company.

Get your friends together and have a letter writing party or phone bank!  Contact them that you care about the air and water in Lavaca Bay and Point Comfort and want them to stop polluting.

Financial Contributions

Report Plastic Pollution Siting’s

Ready to report? Head to: Report a Plastic Pellets/Nurdles

Organization Nurdle Kits


We need volunteers! We need help to spot nurdles, clean up the bay, and help cleaning up content on this website. If you are interested in any of these, please fill out the form below.