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Formosa Plastics Hunger Strike: Day 22

by Diane Wilson

Follow Diane’s day-by-day account of the latest Global Hunger Strike against Formosa Plastics. You can join her by signing up here.

Well, all I can say for today is that it is blowing a gale. White caps all over the bay when I came across the causeway. The truck was rocking to a cowboy song I had on the radio. Desperado. That’s the song. By the Eagles. The wind has totally dominated this morning. Lost my flags twice so had to tie them down. My banner came off the truck. I chased it down. Then the doc and the nurse came by to draw blood. You know the doc, he is fretting. And he brought his nurse. So, they tried to take blood, but my veins were saying, “NO!” Nurse said I was dehydrated and that was why. Finally got blood from my arms. The blood was purple. The color of my house in the woods. “Dehydrated,” the nurse said that’s why.

Curious thing about fasting. You don’t get hungry at all and after a while you don’t get thirsty. I’m sleepy though. I could really fall asleep right here. I’m sitting in a little trance in this truck. Vaguely watching all the trucks go to lunch but not really watching them, just watching the blur. I certainly could not plow a field today.

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