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Formosa Plastics Hunger Strike: Day 25

by Diane Wilson

Follow Diane’s day-by-day account of the latest Global Hunger Strike against Formosa Plastics. You can join her by signing up here.

Day after Thanksgiving at Gate 3 and it is ultra-quiet and WHITE. All the vehicles on the plant site are white trucks. I’m driving this white truck until Ole Red gets fixed with a new water pump, so I look like a Formosa Plastics employee parked in their ditch. Well, except for all my flags. I’ve got 6 flags and a banner across the side. The wind has all the flags furling, and I must admit she’s quite eye stopping. In a day or two I will have my tent stacked out in front of Formosa Plastics’ entrance. No more back and forth over the causeway and setting up the truck every morning.  This will be a permanent fixture.

I’m feeling better than yesterday which smarted a low day for me. Today I’m just sleepy. Can’t keep my eyes open. I’m glad it’s not raining. I do not relish getting stuck in this ditch. I’d probably just sit there, rain pouring down.

Symptoms on Day 25:

  • Mind is mush
  • Talking is exhausting
  • All I want to do is sleep
  • Weakness in the body
  • Headaches feel like I’m wearing a tight hat

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