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Formosa Plastics Hunger Strike: Day 17

by Dan Le

Dan is a member of the San Antonio Bay Waterkeeper Team, and is covering for Diane at the Formosa Plastics Texas plant while she is away on a speaking engagement at Colby College in Maine. Click here for more information on how to support the strike.

This morning was pretty good. I felt more charged up in general, like a second wind. Felt like I could do this a few more days.

Today was overcast, so not needing the shade of the tree, I sat closer to Ol’ Red and our little mini-camp setup. I do like the energy of meditating under the tree, but felt maybe I should be more visible.

I only sat for a bit before a truck pulled up. I couldn’t tell who it was at first, but then realized it was fellow Waterkeeper Ronnie. He had three more sandwich bags full of pellets in his hand. We started chatting, and of course he asked where Diane was and I told him about the Maine trip and how I’m holding it down while she’s away.

We got to talking and he started giving me a crash course on pellets and what he’s seen. Also gave me a little history on Formosa Plastics, and his experience with them (he used to work for them). All very fascinating. The man is very dedicated, still goes out into the creek and bay a few times every week to pick up samples and report to Diane what he finds.

Apparently, seems like new pellets are still coming out. He proceeded to show me how easy it is to tell a new pellet (which is really white), and an older pellet (which is dingy and usually greenish brownish). He pointed out the different shapes (football, pancake, cylindrical) and various qualities (opaque, rough, smooth, shiny, translucent). He’s a real pellet expert!

Pellets from Cox Creek. Single pellet on the left is an example of an older pellet.

I looked over to his truck and noticed he brought his four-legged furry friend, and he soon joined the party too.

Ronnie’s little four-legged friend!

Not too long after that, Diane rolls up and now it’s a real party! I helped her unload some great new flags, chatted for a bit, gave her a big hug, and that was me officially tagging out, and Diane tagging back in. She was ready, still determined as ever. Go Diane!

Diane’s back in!

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