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Water Monitoring: Preserving Evidence

2017, Waterkeeper Ronnie Hamrick showing off two samples of nurdles/pellets and powder collected from Lavaca Bay. After the samples were collected, they were labeled with time, date, location, and wind direction. After that, the samples were catalogued and then stored as evidence. Over 7,000 photos and videos were taken and approximately 2500 samples collected between January 31, 2016 and March 22, 2019.
2018,Waterkeepers David Sumpter and Ronnie Hamrick using nets to catch pellets floating in the water near Formosa stormwater outfall 06.
2019, Waterkeeper Ronnie Hamrick checking vegetation for pellets on east bank near Formosa outfall 06 at Cox Creek
These are the location points in Calhoun County, Texas that the San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeepers routinely sampled for illegally discharged plastic pollution from Formosa Plastics, Point Comfort, Texas
Jan. 2019, Waterkeeper Diane Wilson in kayak sampling at Formosa stormwater outfall 06 at Cox Creek
Feb 12, 2018, handful of pellets from Cox Creek, south side of Highway 35 bridge.
2019, plastic powder sample taken from Lavaca Bay
nurdles floating
2019, pellets discovered and sampled at Cox Creek near Formosa outfall 06
April 2019, Waterkeeper DianeWilson continues sampling after March 2019 trial.
Feb. 2019, powder sampled at Cox Creek near Formosa Plastic outfall 06
2017, two weeks samples of pellets and powder
July 2018, Waterkeeper Diane Wilson taking photos at Formosa outfall 12 that discharges into Cox Creek
April 2019, Waterkeeper Bob Lindsey checking pellet/powder samples
March 2019, approximately 2500 samples collected as evidence for Citizens Clean Water suit.
March 2019 Waterkeepers and supporters loading samples into bins and putting in trailer to take to court in Victoria, Texas