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2020 Horizon : Remediation Attempt

The Remediation Consultant will review ongoing remediation methods, make site visits, and will produce a Remediation Plan with the goal being a removal of most Plastics from the environment while protecting the Cox Creek and Lavaca Bay ecosystems (MORE: Read Consent Decree p. 12)

April 2020, remediation crew checking the mud and sediment in Formosa outfall 06 ditch at Cox Creek
May 2020, Recon trip to spillway on Cox Bay side and also Cox Bay delta. Checking mud and sediments in delta of Cox Bay.
May 2020 Recon trip with Remediation crew to explore the Cox Bay delta, behind (or South) of Cox Creek spillway and also, water south of Alcoa Dam.
May 2020, winding and shallow canals leading to spillway on south side, Cox Bay side.
May 2020, Recon trip for outfall 011. This is Formosa loading dock entrance with orange boomed outfall 11 that discharges into Lavaca Bay.
May 2020, Formosa outfall 011 at loading dock that discharges into Lavaca Bay
May, 2020 Formosa unit and site of outfall 13 into Cox Bay. We weren’t able to see outfall 13 this recon trip.
May 20202, unknown outfall into Cox Bay. Note gas wells in background.
May 2020, recon trip to south side of the spillway, Cox Bay side. Water is flowing over the spillway.
May 2020, discharge outfall at Cox Creek spillway, on the south side–Cox Bay side. Water flowing over spillway. No water flowing from discharge site. Not sure who operates or if it is working.
May 2020, Remediation crew on recon to Cox Bay delta, checking for pellets. The waterway pictured is directly behind Alcoa dam, on the south side. Cox Bay.
April 2020, Remediation crew, Formosa, and Waterkeepers on 3 boats looking at outfalls into Cox Creek. Above photo is of Cox Creek spillway. No water was flowing over spillway.