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Hunger Strike goes to Maine: Day 14

by Nancy Bui

Nancy Bui is Vice President of Justice for Formosa Victims which is also part of the International Monitor Formosa Alliance. Nancy works closely with the Waterkeeper team and is accompanying Diane on her trip to Maine.

Today marks the 14th day of Ms. Diane’s hunger strike. Previously arranged with Defend Our Health and Colby University, Ms. Diane had to travel to Portland, Maine in order to give a presentation. In order to ensure that the hunger strike in front of the Formosa factory was not interrupted, Dan Le, a Vietnamese American member of San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper has taken her place until November 15th. Concerned for Ms. Diane’s well-being after nearly two weeks without food, I decided to accompany her to the presentation.

Hence, the global hunger strike will now consist of two parts: a mobile hunger strike and an on-site hunger strike.

Diane and Nancy waiting for their flight in Chicago

The flight from Chicago to Maine experienced multiple delays, causing Diane to become tired and fall asleep several times. Upon reaching the meeting location, she requested to sit and talk instead of standing. Her talk attracted an audience comprised of professors, scientific researchers, law enforcement officials, and state representatives. They were eager to hear about Diane’s experience in leading residents to fight against the powerful and well-funded Formosa Plastics, and how they achieved a significant victory in protecting clean water and air for South Texas residents. They were also keen to learn about the progress of her ongoing global hunger strike, which has now reached its 14th day. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause and admiration.

Finally made it to our destination!

I was also given the opportunity to speak about the challenges faced by Vietnamese fishermen during Vietnam’s largest environmental disaster. The audience expressed sympathy and pledged their support.

Diane and Nancy address the audience at Colby College

Tomorrow, Ms. Diane will be meeting with two groups of students at Colby University. Meanwhile, the on-site hunger strike in front of the Formosa factory will continue, led by Dan Le. Please read their diary entries.

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