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Day 20: Dear Mr. Chairman

by Diane Wilson

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Dear Mr. Chairman,

Yes, day 20. Here I am again writing you. I am not even sure you are reading these letters at this point, but I will continue writing until there is a response. There was sort of a noncommittal response regarding our Global Hunger Strike seeking justice for Vietnam fishermen from the Formosa Plastics Texas plant. They said they were totally fine with my right to protest, but they didn’t know who Formosa Plastics, USA was, and they were not one and the same company. Now I’m paraphrasing somewhat but that was the gist. I thought that was funny because it was Formosa Plastics, USA who negotiated a settlement for Formosa Plastics, Texas and Formosa Plastics, USA with our Waterkeeper organization and myself after we won the lawsuit. Seems like a connection to me.

The other interesting thing about the Formosa Plastics, Texas (one of your subsidiaries) response was that they were fine with my right to protest here in Texas yet protestors against your destruction of the fisheries in Vietnam have been beat up and many put in prison. Quite a few are still in prison. You don’t have a problem with that? Why do you feel it is okay to protest here in Texas but not in Vietnam?

Who are you, Mr. Chairman? What is this company that you represent? I’m beginning to think Formosa Plastic Group’s true colors are flying in Vietnam. Shame on you.


Diane Wilson
San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper
International Monitor Formosa Alliance (

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