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Day 17: A Poem Honoring Diane

by Nancy Bui

Nancy Bui is Vice President of Justice for Formosa Victims which is also part of the International Monitor Formosa Alliance. Nancy works closely with the Waterkeeper team and is accompanying Diane on her trip to Maine.

Today marks the 17th day of Mrs. Diane’s fasting for the Hunger Strike. Over the past 17 days, she has consumed nothing but water. She and I have completed a busy and exhausting three-day speaking tour in Portland, Maine. Yesterday, we wrapped up all our tasks with two United Airlines flights bringing us back to Austin close to midnight. Mrs. Diane’s daughter had to drive an additional nearly 3 hours to get back to her home in Seadrift at around 3 AM. This morning, Ms. Diane had to rise early to take over from Dan, who had been sitting in for her during the 4 days of her trip in front of the Formosa plant to ensure the continuity of the hunger strike. Ms. Diane drove her red truck, fondly named Ol’ Red, to the fasting site this morning, but unfortunately, it broke down on the way. She had to call her son for help and to take her home. Tomorrow will mark Diane’s 18th day of this Hunger Strike. This evening, my daughter wrote this poem to honor Diane:

In realms where waters whisper clear,
Diane Wilson strides, compassion near.
Resolute, she stands, determination’s flame,
Guardian of purity, she calls by name.

Tireless dedication, a pledge profound,
To safeguard water, on justice ground.
Advocating with a voice strong and true,
For the voiceless, underprivileged crew.

In her journey, a beacon bright,
A champion for Earth, in day and night.
Diane’s heart beats for justice’s dance,
In every ripple, her compassion’s trance

-Giang Đoàn

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