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Water Keeper Plastic Report: 5.16.20

Formosa Plastics Reporting Form 

Date: 5/16/20  Time: 10:22-10:27am  (First stop) Date: 5/16/20    Time : 11:07-11:23am (Second stop) Date 5/16/20  Time: 11:42-11:45 (Third stop)
Observer Name: Diane Wilson
Email Address:
Phone Number: 361-218-2353
Location (Latitude/Longitude) or Nearest Outfall (if known):  First stop: N 28 36’57.599  W 96 37’22.079 (outfall 01 in Lavaca Bay)  Second Stop: north of outfall 06 at Cox Creek, west bank  Third stop:  south of Highway 35 bridge and south of outfall 06, west bank  (boat launch)
May we contact you if we have follow-up questions? YES / NO    yes
Location Description:  First Stop: On north and south bank of area called Poor Boys Bait.  On banks of Lavaca Bay in Port Lavaca, Texas. The area known as Poor Boys had a norther come through Saturday morning in the early AM with approximate 1 ¾  inches of rain.  Second stop: The bank and waters on west side of Cox Creek.  Inside the boom of 06 and outside the boom of 06 on the north side.   The area had a norther come through early in the morning with approximate 1 3/4 inches of rain.  The area was flooded. Third Stop:  The bank and waters of Cox Creek south of highway 35 bridge and south of outfall 06. The area is known as the boat launch.  The area had a norther come through early in the morning with approx. 1 ¾ inches of rain. The area was flooded.  
Describe where pellets are located: ex. floating in the water, on the shore next to the water, on the shore but more than one foot higher than the water, trapped behind a boom? If they’re on the shore, are they within reach of the tide?  First stop: Pellets had washed up in new debris on north bank of Poor Boys.  A high tide would wash the pellets out.  Pellets had also washed up on south bank of Poor Boys. A high tide would wash the pellets out.  Both areas were close to the water. Second Stop: Considerable pellets were floating in the water among Mosquito Fern (vegetation) outside 06 and on the west side (Formosa side) of Cox Creek   Third stop:  pellets were along the edge of the bank at the boat launch but also floating in the water near the bank.  Some pellets were further out and floating among Mosquito Fern (vegetation). Movement of water could easily disperse the pellets.  
Estimated length of shore with pellets:  First stop: estimated length on north bank was about 12 feet.  Estimated length on south bank was about 6 feet. Second stop: estimated length of pellets in Cox creek water was 200 feet or more Third stop:  estimated length of pellets floating in water was about 50 feet.
Description of Observation: pellets/powder? scattered, dense? how many pellets do you estimate are present?  First Stop: Pellets were scattered in debris on north bank.  About 300 pellets in 10-minute gathering. On south side of Poor Boys about 300 pellets in 10-minute gathering.  These 2 areas of Poor Boys had previously been thoroughly cleaned Second stop:  The pellets found floating in Cox Creek water were very thick.  Some pellets were among Mosquito Fern (vegetation).  About 40,000 pellets in 10-minute gathering. Third stop: The pellets floating in Cox Creek water were  scattered.  Some pellets were floating among the Mosquito Fern.  About 500 pellets in a 10-minute gathering.  
Photo(s) Taken: YES / NO    Yes, photos taken at all stops
May 16, 2020, pellets floating in water at second stop of the day, which was north of Formosa outfall 06 at Cox Creek.