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Example San Antonio Bay Estuary Waterkeeper Report

10:54 am…boat ramp at Cox Creek, south of bridge at Highway 35, west bank—
Video (Exhibit 1) of pellets embedded in soil and underneath the caliche at boat launch at Cox Creek. (N 28 41’18.600 W 96 31’ 43.320) NE wind. 20mph. No rain

11:04 am.. Pellets floating in vegetation off of Brooking Property (Formosa owns) south of bridge at highway 35 and south of boat launch. Also, green pellets captured floating barely below the surface of water in vegetation. Sample taken for Dave Buzan. 3 photos taken (Exhibit 2) (N 28 41’18.377 W 96 31’42.390) NE wind. 20mph. No rain

11:22-11:31am.. Pellets found on bank and up on land South of highway 35 bridge at Cox Creek, south of boat launch and on west bank of Brooking Property (Formosa owns. ) The area found with pellets was approximately 65 feet in length. The further south I walked the more pellets were discovered. 3 photos (Exhibit 3) (N 28 41’17.142 W 96 31’41.711) NE wind. 20 mph. No rain.

11:38 am…pellets floating in vegetation north of Highway 35 bridge at Cox Creek , on west bank, and south of outfall 06 boom. 2 photos (Exhibit 4) (N 28 41’20.100 W 96 31’43.571) NE wind. 20 mph. No rain.

11:44-11:53 am– kayaked inside outfall 06. Pellets found floating in vegetation, especially prevalent midway of outfall 06 ditch. Felt type material/tarp covering a berm at 06 gate. Enough water to kayak to berm. Left kayak and climbed to top. 1 video and 4 photos (Exhibit 5)
(N 28 41’20.400 W96 31’44.759) NE wind. 20mph. No rain.

11:55am-12:23pm) … pellets found north of Highway 35 at Cox Creek, on west bank and from an area approximately 20 feet inside north side of boom of outfall 06 to outside outfall 06 boom and almost to outfall 07. Extended area with scattered pellets and some places heavy with pellets. By all appearances, this is an area that has been cleaned previously by Horizon (lots of dead wood/trees/wooden pallets). An unknown ditch (dry) that meanders to Cox Creek is between 06 and 07. (N 28 41’21.041 W 96 31’44.921—–N 28 41’28.277 W 96 31’46.980) 6 photos taken (Exhibit 6)

12:26-12:35pm…pellets found scattered outside boom of 07 and near Cox Creek edge, west bank and north of highway 35 bridge at Cox Creek and north of outfall 06. 4 photos taken (Exhibit 7) (N 28 41’31.859 W 96 31’44.208)