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Stormwater Outfalls: Discharges at Outfall 06

2/15/20, 2:51. Pellets floating outside the outfall at 006. Photo taken by Diane Wilson.

2/15/20, 3:28 p.m. West back of Cox Creek, north of 0utfall 006. Water in Creek was high.

Photos taken by Diane Wilson.

2/15/20, 3:26 pm. Photos taken on north side of boom at outfall 006. Pellets inside, on top of, and outside boom. Floating in water and on shore of West Bank. Photos by Diane Wilson in kayak.

2/15/20, 2:39 p.m. Outfall 006. The following photos were taken by Diane Wilson in her kayak. Facing west towards gate. Pellets among debris floating in water at gate. Pellets embedded in grilled gate. There were also pellets the entire length of the outfall ditch. Both north and south side of ditch.

2/15/20, 2:29 pm. Photos taken by Diane Wilson on south side of boom at outfall 06. I am north of Cox Creek bridge at highway 35. Pellets floating in water.