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Cox Creek Remediation Phase 1: Entact (contractor) Daily Activities Jan 12, 2023

PDF : Cox Creek Remediation Phase 1: Entact (contractor) Daily Activities Jan 12, 2023

Project Name: Formosa Plastics Remediation: Cox Creek Phase 1Customer: FNILocation: Point Comfort, TX
Project No. E8999

  1. Weather Conditions
Temperature Range and General Conditions:Precipitation:Wind:
48F – 71F0.00″Max Wind Speed: 22mph
  1. Description of Work Performed

  1. Daily Production and Material Quantity Report

Material Description Units Managed (this day)  UOM Units Managed (to date) Total Units Planned

Percent Complete

AOC 148,849SF10,10219,82351.0%
Transportation and Disposal to Republic Victoria15LD4173,28612.7%
  1. Major Deliveries
  2. Personnel (On-site)

Name Role/Position

Start Time

End Time Hours Worked

Adam EwertProject Director
Matt MeyersProject Manager6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Kelly PeckaField Project Manager6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Dylan BatesField Engineer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Alvin MunroseField Engineer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Lucas HarlanHealth & Safety Officer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Chad HallHealth & Safety Coordinator9:00AM12:00PM3.0
Brandi SmalleyAdministrative Project Manager8:30AM1:30PM5.0
Brad AganOperator6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Silvino RosalesOperator6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Logan ShermanOperator6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Shawn RagainDriver6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Duane SnyderDriver6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Sebastian VegaDriver6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Sean YoungLaborer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Travis LawsonOperator6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Dennis MalucciLaborer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Chad MeyerOperator6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Patrick MoodyLaborer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Bo JohnsonLaborer6:30AM5:00PM10.0
Edgar RamosLaborer6:30AM2:00PM7.0
Quinn BushLaborer3:00PM5:00PM2.0
Don BurnsLaborer3:00PM5:00PM2.0
Kelvin CryerLaborer3:00PM5:00PM2.0
Adolfo Jeredia HernandezOperator3:00PM5:00PM2.0
Victor Jeredia HernandezOperator3:00PM5:00PM2.0
Tyrone TerryLaborer3:00PM5:00PM2.0
  1. On-Site Visitors:
  2. Equipment (Mobilized, Utilized, Stored and/or Demobilized)


CAT 336 w/ CIMAF – H221CAT D6K Dozer – H16445kW Generator (2)Kubota Off-road side by side (7)
CAT 962 Loader – H220CAT 745B ADT – H267Frac TankCAT 336 excavator (3)
CAT 745B ADT – H439BOMAG Vibratory Roller – H1822000 gal. Water TruckCAT 326F long reach – H301
Light Plants (2)Bobcat Skid Steer (Momentum)CASE 550 DozerTruck P329
CAT 745D ADT – H442Truck P291Truck P398Truck P239
CAT 745D ADT – H440
  1. Subcontractor Activities
  1. Field Directives, Issues, Concerns, Resolutions, Agreements, Modifications, and Other Project Specific Notes
  2. Work Zone Air and Perimeter Dust Data Summary
  3. Inspection Summary (SWPPP and SPCC)
Description:Corrective Action Req’d:
SWPPP InspectionNone on this date.
SWPPP – Perimeter of AOC 02, 03, 04, 05, 06,07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13,14,15,16,17 andStaging Area #1, Staging Area #3SWPPP – Everything in good standing
Modifications Req’dNone on this date.
Overall Quality:
  1. Health and Safety Summary
Meeting Topic:Morning – Safe distances from heavy equipment (dumping and loading). Afternoon – Windy conditions.Safety Audits Performed:None on this date.
Incidents:None on this date.JSAs:Mobilization, Site Setup, Loader, Skid steer, Dozer, Excavator with attachment, ATV Operations, Surveying
  1. Attachments

Report Prepared By:

Alvin Munrose

Date: 1/12/2023

Photographs of Daily Activity

Photo 1. Photo of area cleared by CIMAF. Photo 2. Photo of excavated surface in AOC 14.

Photo 3. Photo of excavator loading haul truck in AOC 14. Photo 4. Photo of haul truck offloading excavated material in staging area #1.