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Microplastic Study

BRANDED-Report-2018-FINAL In 2018, individuals and organizations across the globe took local action to hold corporations accountable for the plastic pollution they force into the marketplace through unnecessary, problematic and excessive throwaway packaging and materials. Break… Read More »Microplastic Study

Toxicity Reports

Analysis_of_genotoxicity_in_cattlenear_industrial_facilities,_Texas_2009 Abstract: This study, performed at the behest of ranchers living and working down-prevailing wind from industrial facilities located in Calhoun County, Texas investigated locational risks to ecosystem health associated with prox- imity to specific… Read More »Toxicity Reports

What are Nurdles?

Plastic resin pellet pollution is a type of marine debris originating from plastic particles utilized in manufacturing large-scale plastics. These pre-production plastic pellets are created separately from the user plastics they are melted down to form, and pellet… Read More »What are Nurdles?